1128 Arch Design LLC

Todd A. Ovard AIA - Owner/Architect

Madison J. Bose - Architectural/Interior Designer









1128’s Design Philosophy:

 “We strive for practical, yet unique circumstance-specific design strategies: maximizing the experiential and inherent qualities of the surroundings while providing fresh, inventive, client-directed design solutions that are, sustainable, budget-sensitive, and functional.”

1128 History/Back-Story/Principles:

1128 Architectural Design was founded in 2009, reflecting a variety of lifetime goals. We are a live/work architectural design business model blending the best of the classic and the new: a forward-thinking/transformational architectural practice operating out of an historic 1870's cream-city brick farmhouse (within the equally historic Grafton Town Center-experiencing a significant renaissance). 1128 offer the experience, expertise, credentials, technology, and full-service of the large design firms, without the biig overhead + ego. Specific project-type expertise and focus ranges from single-family residential, to small-to-medium scale commercial, public/non-profit, religious, and institutional, and industrial building projects.

1128AD has recently relocated to Portland, Or - yet mainains a presence in Wisconsin.

Todd's Bio:

Todd has twenty-four years of professional experience. He graduated from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a Bachelor's of Architectural Sciences degree (1991). Following working at a Milwaukee area firm (BHS Architects) for the first few years out of school, he headed westward to Colorado in the mid-nineties in order to pursue a dream of  becoming a professional bicycle racer. While never rising out of the ranks of amateur categories, he simultaneously (and sensibly) continued his professional career as an architectural intern. He worked for eleven years at the award-winning Denver-based interiors & architectural firm: Burkett Design, Inc. Todd served in various design, production, and project management capacities, on a variety of commercial & institutional building projects. He left the firm as a Senior Associate, and also became an official registered Architect during his tenure here.

Todd & his wife Sarah (see below) left Colorado with a young son in tow in late 2005, in order to pursue a more bucolic life in historic Cedarburg, WI. Todd worked with Groth Design Group (Cedarburg, WI) for three years where he gained experience working in the realm of religious, non-profit, and community projects. He served in design and project architect roles prior to starting 1128 Arch Design.

Despite being a licensed Architect, Todd is a very personable and relatable, with an offbeat, quirky sense of humor. Todd brings inspired client-driven design ingenuity -  tempered with the technical know-how and vast in-the-trenches experience, to see a project from concept to reality.

When Todd is not busy with architecture, he enjoys the outdoors: biking, snow-boarding/snow-shoeing and camping; as well satisfying his passion for listening, performing and creating original contemporary music. He has recently re-taken up his childhood instrument, the cello.

Todd holds a professional license in Wisconsin & Colorado 

Madison's Bio:

Madison is currently studying Architecture at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  After she receives her Bachelor of Science degree in May 2016, she plans to further her studies to obtain a Master of Architecture degree (applications pending).  Then, sometime in the distant future, (a million IDP hours later)…become a licensed architect.  Madison is passionate about infusing personality, emotion, and memory into her designs with the goal of creating greater value for those who experience and inhabit them.  She aspires to one day specialize in high-end residential design.